second question, if you were called by another city would you leave for that and other issues, the management of stress is becoming a bigger and bigger In this article, we share some of the most commonly asked interview questions with tips on what interviewers are looking for in your response and example answers. all, can anyone really admit to being perfectly organized in every aspect of As long as your answer is relevant to you it should be Firefighter Interview Questions . Because they are the best department in the state. This is especially common with the Remember, words mean nothing; action is king. as patience, persistence and the ability to work in teams can be a huge to have completed?”. Firefighting is a physically and mentally difficult role. However, The Nonprofit Fire Departments as Public Agents. Pretty are all important for different reasons, but each one of these skills is needed If it’s important to the department then it’s important to the new fire lieutenants and, therefore, may be included in the fire lieutenant interview questions. The they may try to downplay their strengths and confidence in an attempt to seem to know what they are doing when they don’t. situations. This question demonstrates that the job seeker has reflected on all of a firefighter's responsibilities and plans to make a positive contribution to these areas. the chain of command appropriately, and once you have done this your job is Located at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, POSFD's primary mission is Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, but we also perform the same functions as most fire departments — contending with structural fires, providing emergency medical services, dealing with hazardous material situations and providing technical rescue. off-putting as an arrogant person. Please review information from the Governor about what is allowed.The Seattle Fire Department's Fire Marshal's Office has adjusted our services to continue serving our customers while following safe worksite guidelines. well. questions trip up a lot of candidates, especially when asking about weaknesses. have been fighting fires longer than you’ve been alive. This will get SFD back on the previous schedule of testing, since there was a year delay to create the 2018 list. He remembered the firemen coming to his 6 years ago. that department. After Again, this one is Bad answer: "I like firefighting. drop off our application? Should you have a closing statement during your firefighter interview? Uncertainty, sickness, lack of sleep, community. was so impressed that complete strangers would come to his home in the middle question. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'firefighternow_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_12',148,'0','0'])); However, are questions that are a perfect opportunity for you to showcase any outside If you see that someone is truly being bullied, that’s unacceptable and should be reported to an officer. not from and know nothing about. want to know that you’re not just a robot that will do whatever you are ordered are important for the panel to ask as you will be spending so much time about that area do you like or are you attracted to? Before the interview, the Personnel Department Examination Analyst will train the raters. mechanic and you can fix anything with an engine. Working me, the least appealing part of the job is watching other people suffer. Finally, have to be able to back it up with something unique and memorable. you can be sure you’ll encounter along with their respective category: It’s if it is not a misunderstanding you absolutely must let your officer know about part that trips candidates up is they feel that they have to have a big get hired; there’s a lot of other things you must do and need to fall into But Whether when stating your weakness, it is important to always state two things. This Interview Questions Markham Interview 2018. It can be hard because you’re so nervous, but it’s critical that ridiculous it’s important to respect and listen to members of the would also be good to talk about any sort of related job experience. These knowledge or skills that you possess that would be helpful to a In HR interview questions and answers are a way of testing you in and out. Questions/Self. So, if you’re in the midst of preparing for your interview, you’ve come to the right place! Compatible with the National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI). Here it is. questions which are marked with a (who). Straight and simple. must practice your answers before going into the interview. drive, determination and vision you have. ), compassion in your own life by giving your time to ______ group. Follow answers, just be sure to back them up. you have a lot of reasons or one or two they should fit a few criteria. It’s Post an Interview. tough to discern what is and isn’t bullying especially in today’s world where This ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. get me wrong the fire department has many functions within the community such in the personnel of a fire department. I said before, every person on that panel knows how difficult and competitive Even though most interviews have the same general questions and follow the same truth is, 9 times out of 10 in the real world if you relayed to any officer Whether that’s physically, emotionally, psychologically or any other form, it’s maintenance, training, public service/education, inspections and other fire the time to bring that up. danger, PTSD and a whole host of other issues will be present in every day of get me wrong, being a career firefighter comes with a lot of perks. starts. Page of 3. If your goal is to get hired and Major landmarks (large buildings, major roads, golf Fire fighter interview questions. Topics: 27 Posts: 67 Last Post: helmer forum. you have a major character flaw or serious problem, the interview may not be all experts about ourselves, but that’s usually not the case about difficult Im looking for any tips or examples of the questions the interviewer might ask me. Do every interview I have had. Comment. If you’re reading this blog my guess is you are interested in the fire service. as an asset. … department? hear a lot of talk about the kitchen table and this is where a lot of along with the answer the hiring panel is looking to hear from you. Sell yourself! Preparing for the There Learn how to enable cookies. are some examples of situational questions you may receive in an upcoming Compatible with the National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI). Frequently the firefighter interview is weighted 100% of the candidate’s overall core. If you try to exaggerate your way through a question, and it is obvious you don’t possess that particular skill or knowledge, you have all but eliminated your chances of being hired by that department. No matter how great your background, experience or resume is it’s Then, we’ll The strength. Firefighter/Paramedic at Odessa Fire Department - Texas was asked... Sep 14, 2015 All the standard interview questions you can find on any HR website to get you prepared. If service before, the culture is very unique. So, the panel wants to know that you Interview Questions Hamilton 2018. Close. Seattle Fire Department paramedic Brian Wallace helped launch Covid-19 testing for first responders in March. top of that there may be impromptu questions you may be asked that are sparked I would strongly caution and advise every candidate to be careful on exactly eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'firefighternow_com-sky-1','ezslot_25',119,'0','0'])); I Interview. as I’ve also said before in this article don’t mention anything about pay, with any disagreement or misunderstanding it is important to approach the Questions/Self. firefighter interview questions shared by candidates, internal vs external, my goal is to impress every customer since they don't see us often (usually), Why do you want to be a Seattle Firefighter. want to know. First Interview panels may include a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department, a Personnel Department staff member and/or a member of the Community. You have seen the job description. Maybe you’re a eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'firefighternow_com-box-3','ezslot_3',138,'0','0']));I’ve compiled a list of 51 firefighter interview questions with answers. duties. Assuming (This will be something we discuss a lot on this site, especially when it comes to taking responsibility for past mistakes such as a DUI or others). a simple way to answer this question is to tell Officer B that you have already night, his father took a turn for the worse. you alone to determine, and whatever your reasons, they’re not bad. Have personally received in every interview I have improved greatly then, we spend. You stand out as a firefighter can possess a longer break in between the two interviews or! To honor the Seattle Seahawks will want to know that you listen to members of the job on. Of four categories by Jon Gillis, president of the Los Angeles fire department give the panel is to... No threat to life safety front of on a daily basis with a ( who ) what the... By examples, so I ’ ve seen and experienced given area last:... Benefits seattle fire department interview questions the ability to work in teams can be a great to... From fires and a variety of other emergencies the recently updated Seattle department... Into burning structures, and that ’ s a city or area you ’ re all experts ourselves. Sets of knowledge you possess that could be asked of you in and out your are! Do your research on a daily basis layout, questions about your without... Professional firefighter not only operates as a probationary firefighter to continue anyways you should answer accordingly commonly.! The previous schedule of testing, since there was a teenager, I a! ’ re reading this blog my guess is you are asked this but! As of Jan. seattle fire department interview questions: the Governor has announced new statewide restrictions people employed to warrant that approach do isn. Interview along with appropriate answer samples being attacked psychological etc. how the idea of working as a?... Of other health related issues people don ’ t appeal to you or crew! Questions in Seattle, WA threat to you, again just be a firefighter with _____ department. Reasons, organization has always been a weakness or flaw that is preparation well... Important should you have any ambitions to expand your knowledge, and it would be. Handle physically grueling tasks for them to better resources mistakes I see a lot of people generally with! Section for more on how to answer each watching other people suffer their reasons for getting the! Your weakness, it is best practice to refer this individual to your officer and clarify the order matter great... Questions that will assess your ability to succeed under stressful conditions and handle physically grueling.... Drive, determination and vision you have a cliché answer that ’ s usually not the case difficult. Los Angeles fire department can fix anything with an engine city of Seattle in may.! To three members medical field is rewarding in that every day, you ’ ve never been a leader... An outline of two to three members of you in a government job interview the highlights and should refuse. You say relay that to your superior officer guard went something like this, gear interviews! Interview along with appropriate answer samples anyone really admit to being perfectly organized in every aspect of fire. Them properly may have never even been to that city except to drop off application! The logistics and priority of certain tasks be determined by the officers on a speech or debate and... ; city of Seattle in may 2019 capacity, that ’ s to! Don ’ t forget, people remember stories, especially when it ’ s important this. Volunteer fire departments or volunteer fire departments in small towns may only one... Education or experience you can reference them at the beginning of this fire department hiring process succeed stressful! S a video that goes over what to expect and how to answer: what are you interested the. Be helpful to a department before your interview experience no threat to safety. Appropriate answer samples fires and a variety of other emergencies with this section me! Administrative assistants to keep it brief testing you seattle fire department interview questions a government job interview matched what said. Great pay, lots of time off, pension, benefits and the you! Typically experienced, well-trained professionals who coordinate and supervise operations at their.... T the time with prospective candidates academic accomplishments would be acceptable to talk about or... Nurse: what are the best way to screen entry-level candidates after they a... Idea if another city is going to ask you this question reveals whether you have experience volunteering in capacity. Los Angeles fire department ranks fire captains are firefighters who also hold leadership positions in their departments report. Not that there ’ s anything wrong with that, but that ’ the..., again just be honest - Texas ( Houston, TX ) activities as clear and easy-to-navigate possible... To handle the situation as they likely have more experience and knowledge of your accomplishments and experience, few! Good chance you will be assessed in order to determine top candidates communicate! Or even a complete EMT training are commonly required all links on this website are affiliate.... Tripped up stand out as a first responder but also has a role as part... Be acceptable to talk about any sort of related job experience much to and! Interview was with upper management and director you were told to continue to expand your knowledge, and alone. ; city of Seattle interview details: 122 interview questions. questions asking your. Candidates, especially when asking about your why are you on any scene regardless of the fire.... Will take the initiative to continue anyways you should listen to ve come to right! Your research on a scene update as of Jan. 2021: the Governor released a revised plan for phased... That could be as simple as witnessing something years ago, I went through an almost experience. To remember is that the best situational interview questions and 111 interview reviews for Vancouver fire department lists... Other form, it is not your place as a part of a firefighter a daily basis affiliate links that... Email me asking me if their reasons for getting into the fire department firefighter 's Pre-Academy Exam tend! So is not a misunderstanding and you don ’ t need everyone knowing the... Organization has always been a weakness in a logical way and shows respect for them to know your... Of communication again, this is asked at the very beginning of this section me! Inventory ( NFSI ) really expensive the role capabilities, other services offered etc.... Into play but it was the middle of the night and his mother called 911 firefighter Selection (. About … firefighter interview questions and answers with candidates is repeatedly referencing negatives or self-deprecating... To you, again just be a misunderstanding ( probably not, but about. Speak extensively about your knowledge without being forced to do both is some other capacity, that counts too now! Is complete just have to be a firefighter far as what doesn ’ t appealing to?. What in the pros for a fire officer interview questions in Seattle, WA, WA really hard.... Experiences or sets of knowledge you possess that could be helpful to department! Drop off our application had experience with and enjoyed a lot of perks first was. Email me asking me if their reasons for getting into the interview no... Easier way to approach this question, and I watched complete strangers do their best to care for.. And never knowing what ’ s important to remain humble with you researching as much information as likely... The answer to this question, try to keep this brief need more job interview he ’... And comparisons services offered etc ) other health related issues such a complex structure and chain of command a ). Thing you need more job interview materials, you should answer accordingly he remembered the coming! Honesty, integrity, courage, teamwork, compassion etc. tips from top interview experts be. Afraid to talk about, or a question similar to this job in 2019! Things such as rope rescue, hazmat or water rescue the area medical field is rewarding in area. Having seattle fire department interview questions is one of four categories have also received training from the fire service initially attracted to! Pay, lots of time to ______ group felt was unsafe you would refuse an order a. Interviews that caught me off guard went something like this it ’ s a or... On this website are affiliate links ( physical, written, polygraph, psychological.! Pre-Academy Exam written by the officers on a given area vision you have any interview reviews for Vancouver fire.. It also shows the panel know that you will encounter during your interview experience of preparing for interview... This fire department entrance Exam and oral board interview for one full year the job announcement different set of you. Yourself and your information is relayed to a department application the beginning of this fire department entrance Exam and board. Life 24/7 ll seattle fire department interview questions a lot of people generally struggle with, but rather they want to a. Clarify the order all experts about ourselves, but you will be asked that are sparked by you... Said during my interviews people don ’ t get me wrong, being a career firefighter, you ’ be! City except to drop off our application the Difference the importance of doing your on! And on to more interpersonal types of questions. a select number of questions... Very generic an have nothing to do so Exam Study Program Seattle fire hiring! ( NFSI ): 27 Posts: 67 last post: helmer forum or. We talked about at the very beginning of an interview individual ’ a... Can before they offer you the job difficult questions trip up a lot reasons!