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Jálama peak, Sierra de Gata - Spain

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To celebrate the beguining of December, our mountain guide Nuno (along with is family) decided to explore the neighbor peak of Jalama.

Sierra de Gata is a mountain range in the Sistema Central, Spain. The highest point is Peña Canchera (1,592 m), followed by Bolla (1,519m) and Jálama (1,492m). It's located in the northwest of the province of Cáceres, which is in the autonomous community of Extremadura and borders with Portugal on the west in the area of the Portuguese Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve.

The weather was a tipical winter day but that didn't stoped us to reach the peak.

We started the climb in the old trail that leads to the "nevero". The nevero is an arabic construction from 1100ac that was used to store the ice and snow during the cold months that was then selled during the summer.


In pre-Roman times, these lands were inhabited by vetoes, close relatives of the Lusitanian. The etymological origin of the peak name (Xálima, Xálama, Xalmas, Jalama and other spellings) seems originate from God Xalmas, pre-Roman deity who inhabited these mountains and also vetoe god of water.

The peak was reched in the midle of a cloud with some rain that didn't allow many pictures.


Stay tunned for more adventures and guiding services.

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