Answer: 1 question In parallelogram abcd , diagonals ac¯¯¯¯¯ and bd¯¯¯¯¯ intersect at point e, ae=x2−16 , and ce=6x . ∠ 1 = ∠ 2 = ∠ 3 = ∠4 The diagonal would be equal for both triangles too. 1 Answer. where ∠ 1= ∠ 2 what is ac ? ∠ 3 = ∠ 4 Question Bank Solutions 8212. Find the area of parallelogram ABCD. Each of those triangles has angles 27°, 32°, and 121°. D In the diagram below of parallelogram ABCD with diagonals AC and BD, the \angle ADB = 37\degree and the \angle DCB = 120\degree . In parallelogram ABCD below AC is a diagonal the measure of ABC is 40 and the from PAT COL CAR III N1290051 at Kipp Houston High School Also given, to show that, it bisects ∠C. He provides courses for Maths and Science at Teachoo. My question is In a parallelogram ABCD, the diagonal AC is at right angle to AB.If AB=12cm & BC=13cm.Find area of parallelogram? | SSS Congruence Rule Now, In this question we use properties of parallelogram and angle sum property of a triangle. Proof: i) In ΔADC and ΔCBA, AD = CB (Opposite sides of a ||gm) DC = BA (Opposite sides of a ||gm) AC = CA (Common) Therefore, ΔADC ≅ ΔCBA ( by SSS congruence rule.) You should get 60 cm^2. Ex 8.2, 5 In a parallelogram ABCD, E and F are the mid-points of sides AB and CD respectively. Then, `A vec C - B vec D = ` Advertisement Remove all ads. (ii) ABCD is a rhombus. Prove: triangle ABC = triangle CDA . what is the measure of
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