View Zoning By-law Interactive Map A recent zoning by-law amendment for secondary suites is now in full force. Zoning Bylaw No. For the most up-to-date information on the Coronavirus please click here. This ylaw shall be known as the “Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District Zoning ylaw.” 2. By way of Bylaw No. 9690 Saskatoon City Council will consider an amendment to the City's Zoning Bylaw (No. The new Bylaw is intended to aid in the creation of additional housing options for current and future residents, provide more flexibility for business owners, and help attract development and investment to the community. City of Regina Zoning Bylaw No. Permitted. Zoning by-laws are a set of regulations under the Planning Act. 3F.2 APPLICATION 2019-19 PART 3F . This zone is intended to: (a) permit the development of dwelling units in detached buildings; and (b) serve as a designation which preserves and protects the suburban residential community character of an area. 7.1 Residential One (R1) Zone. Town offices will be open by appointment only through 01/24. PART 1.6 - R1-G ZONE, GONZALES SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING DISTRICT Words that are underlined see definitions in Schedule “A” of the Zoning Regulation Bylaw Page 2 of 3 Amended Feb 8, 2018 Bylaw 18-026 1.6.4 Height, Storeys, Roof Decks a. Roof deck 7.6m in height and 2 storeys if the single family R1 – RESIDENTIAL DETACHED ZONE . Please refer to zoning maps and bylaws for clarification as well as additional information about discretionary uses. All development within the limits of this District shall be in conformity with the provisions of this Bylaw… The process for dealing with zoning bylaw amendments is the same as for a zoning bylaw. PROPOSED ZONING BYLAW AMENDMENT —BYLAW N0. Easily follow along with the Zoning By-Law … Residential building (maximum) b. 3F.1 INTENT . The City currently has three Zoning By-Laws which govern land use. 2284, 2020 was adopted on September 1, 2020. If you have an older version of the Zoning Bylaw, please access the City of Nanaimo website or contact Current Planning staff at 250-755-4222 or 250-755-4275, for the most 6), subject To make an appointment, please call 978-777-0001. Scope 1. Zoning by-laws address matters like how land and buildings are used, building heights and size, density, paring, lot … View links for by-law chapters, sections and exceptions (if applicable) in the text of the Office Consolidation Zoning By-law 569-2013, as amended. The […] Uses 7.1.1 No PERSON shall erect, alter, enlarge, reconstruct, locate, or use any BUILDING or STRUCTURE in whole or in part, nor use any land in whole or in part, in the Residential One (R1) zone for any purpose other than one or more of the following permitted uses: Primary Uses: a.) Title 1. Corman Park – Saskatoon Planning District Zoning Bylaw – February 2020 Section 1: Introduction 1. The purpose of the Zoning By-Law Consolidation and Update is to merge the three By-Laws into one and update the content to address key issues facing the City. 8770) proposed by Dream Development to rezone select lands along Skopik Crescent in the Brighton neighbourhood. This consolidated version of the Zoning Bylaw is dated 2020-APR-27. Area B - Zoning Bylaw 801 Rural Portions [PDF - 1 MB] Area B - Zoning Bylaw 90 Community Plan Areas [PDF - 1 MB] Area B - Zoning Bylaw 85 South Portion of Area B (Laidlaw) [PDF - 1 MB] Area C - Zoning Bylaw 100 [PDF - 2 MB] Areas C, F and G Zoning Bylaw 559 - … If local council refuses your zoning application, or if it does not make a decision within 150 days of the receipt of the complete application and fee, you may be able to appeal to … 9690, The Zoning Amendment Bylaw, 2020 (No. Use the Zoning By-law Interactive Map to find the zoning on a property.

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